The 5 Best Resources for Free Beat Tapes

Below we present the best 5 Free Beat Tapes made by some of the top selling producers from the Internet!


Free Beat Tape – Vol. 1 (20 Free Beats w/ Download Link) by JGBeats



Website :





CRUISIN (Free Beat Tape) Vol. 1, 2 & 3 by Kid Ocean *16 Free Beats w/Download*






The Soul Tape Hip Hop Instrumental Mix Beat Tape 2016 by Dubs Banger






Free Beat Tape [Ape Shit] With DL Link by Dee Beats





Rellim – The Origin (FULL FREE BEAT TAPE) by Rellim







How to Sell Beats Online. Top 8 Steps!

First of all, you need to know that there are millions of artists willing to buy online instrumentals, so why not make a second income or even fully dedicate yourself to sell your instrumentals?

       This is not an easy task but it is possible, and I think you know people who do this but if not I will mention some producers or top online record labels: Johnny Juliano, Anno Domini from (, AllRounda, or Vans from (The Cratez), and the list can go on.


1) Marketing

     You can be the best producer, to have the best beats, complex beats, banger’s, but if you don’t have traffic on your website you won’t be noticed and your sales will be more poor than an average producer, thus, even though you have an account on Rocbattle, TuneVibe, Beatstars or any other online beat store, it is very important for you to know how to generate traffic to your beat store page or your personal website, so that people who visit your page can hear and enjoy your music.

2) Own Website

Try to build your own website, your own logo, do so that everything looks professional because customers like to see that you are organized and a trusted seller.

One of the best and easiest platform to build your own free website is WordPress. Add rich content to your pages like Flash/Html5 Players, and start selling.


3) Soundclick

One of the oldest platforms for selling online beats, Soundclick it is still being used by millions of artists looking for online instrumentals, and so it is a “must have”.

Sign up for a VIP account, buy a website layout (thisizmitchell it is one of the sought graphic designers for Soundclick layouts), install your layout and add the Flash Player Store so that you can start selling beats!

Also you can use Soundclick as your own web page.


4) Social Networks

You must have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Customize these accounts with your brand and make them look as good as possible. Socializing on those sites is very important and it can bring you many customers. Try to talk to them, offering package deals, discounts and even free instrumentals.

Don’t set YouTube aside because many artists look for beats on YouTube and this can be a source of very good targeted web traffic. I have also noticed that top producers regularly upload new beats on YouTube, and if you think you’re skilled also produce a beatmaking video and directly show your followers how you do a beat!

5) Email Marketing

There are lots of auto email platforms, for example: FanBridge, AWeber, MailChip and more.

     Build yourself a big subscribers database and send them emails with news, deals, new beats etc.


6) See what’s sought

Try to make beats that are similar to those played on radio or TV. Don’t be stubborn to produce only what you like because it will not make a profit and you’ll be disappointed by your sales.

7) Customer’s opinion

Yes, customer’s opinion is very important, try to talk to the artists, don’t do everything automatically, be flexible with them, offer them as many options as you can in selling beats.



You have to know that artists never liked to wait for you to manually send them mp3’s, wav’s or big audio files (Tracked Out files) after they bought a beat from you, therefore we recommend that you use a BeatStore on your website and let it do all the work for you.

The beats are instantly sent after the payment is complete and the customers are happy.

The mix and the importance of the headphones

One thing that separates a good sound engineer from an exceptional one is the quality of the mix from the headphones that he creates for the musicians that he works with.AKG-k271-review

Here is a series of things that you have to consider when you create a mix with the help of the headphones, especially if it is for the singer.
  •  make sure you use the best headphones there is, that they are not broken or you hear strange sounds. Nothing stops a recording session faster than a pair of broken headphones.
  •  set the big drum and the bass louder in the mix. This way the musician can feel the rhythm of the song. Now add harmonic instruments like a piano or a guitar to a level that is not that high as the bass or drums.
  •  if it is necessary send only the tracks of the mono instruments to the headphones, with no effects.
  •  set all the instruments from the mix to a slightly lower level than the bass and drums. It is good to raise the volume level of an instrument only if the musician requires you to.
  •  if you want the artist to sing more aggressively, stronger, set the voice track to a lower level or raise the volume of the other tracks, and if you want to play softly or more intimate, raise the voice track or lower the volume of the other tracks.
  •  add some reverb or delay to the voice track and the artist will feel more comfortable with the mix from the headphones.
  • The majority of mixes today have a metronome track. The recording of a song to the same tempo not only that sounds better but makes the editing easier. It is much easier to set the delay and the reverb on a track that is recorded with the metronome. When an artist only hears the metronome in the headphones the inspiration kind of disappears.
Here are a few tricks to make the metronome more easier on the sound but still to be able to stand in front even in the more dense mixes.

fl studio metronome 800x600

  •  pick the right sound. Try something more musical than an electronic click: a cowbell, a frame or a conga.
  •  when you pick a sound to replace the click it has to fall in the context of the sound.
  •  choose the right number of clicks in a measure. Indifferently of the numbers of clicks the metronome track will be more efficient if the first tempo is more emphasized that the rest of the clicks.
  •  make sure that the drummer uses isolated headphones.

Drummers usually want the metronome very loud. Not because they might be deaf but because the acoustic drums around them sound very loud.

Many artists don’t like to sing with a metronome, or that sing very rigid with a metronome. In this case you don’t have to be afraid to record without the clicks, since there are lots of successful songs that were recorded without a metronome.

Nowadays in this world of music full of drum machines, loops, DAW’s, the majority of musicians have used to sing with something that gives the tempo.

Whether you use the metronome or not keep in mind that if you want the best results from an artist or musician the mix from headphones must be a priority. There is no better way to make sure your recording session will run smoothly with no other problems.


How to sell beats on Tumblr

Tumblr Logo

What is Tumblr?

Founded by David Karp and recently bought by Yahoo! Inc., Tumblr is a combination of micro blogging with Social Media and currently has over 270.0000 millions blogs. On this platform users can follow other relevant blogs and they can create their own blogs where they can post and re-blog almost any content (videos, music, pictures, animated pictures – gif’s) even adult content, without any censorship.

Like we mentioned above, Tumblr is more than a simple blogging platform, users can share and like each others content, comment, follow blogs or search for certain type of keywords using the well-known hashtags. OK, but what does it have to do with selling beats online?


Let’s talk about the benefits of using this social network.

DoFollow links


If you sell instrumentals online and you already have your own website you definitely know what “dofollow” means and how important are these back links in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
By default the majority of social media websites they set up all the outgoing links to “nofollow“. Well, Tumblr uses “dofollow” links which means that there is some sort of authority, PageRank and “link juice” to your content, cool isn’t it?

What does Tumblr do to be so special?


Spreading content on Tumblr is very easy beside other social media platforms.
Just like a re-tweet on Twitter, Tumblr gives you the possibility to re-blog your favorite content. Let’s just say you posted a YouTube video that contains a beat and a link to your website and your followers re-blog your content 135 times. This meas 135dofollow” links to your website that naturally grew.

Brand your business

Keep in mind that all the power of Tumblr doesn’t mean anything if you don’t bring interesting content for your followers.

Here are some interesting ideas for content

1. Pictures /Gif’s

You can start by re-blogging interesting pictures. Gif’s were, are and will be all the time a great demand on this type of platform. If you truly are creative person you can shoot photos, make illustrations, or create animated pictures, even if you are using a professional photo camera, Photoshop or why not Paint, as long as you bring new and quality content.

2. Memes

Yes, memes are great! They can become viral very easy.
You can use them often but don’t make them your main focus.

3. Comic Videos/ Music


People always loved funny videos. Try to post funny content because it easily goes viral.
Music videos from YouTube are also loved on Tumblr. You can share your favorite music from SoundCloud or why not your own beats.

Watch the video bellow and see how to easily and cost effectively get followers on Tumblr.


Heat Up 2 VST

Still using VSTs designed for EDM in your beats?

Beatmaking is very common nowadays. A lot of Beatmakers can do a living out of Beatselling on websites like To stand out it is not only very import ant for Beatmakers to use only high quality sounds but a moderate pace as well, since there is a lot of competition out there.

Most Virtual Instruments on the market today are designed for the EDM or pop music producer. Styles such as Techno, Trance and House are massively catered for by the most popular VSTs. It can be hard finding sounds suitable for Hip Hop beats. I often find myself tweaking presets for hours to get them to sound more ‘Urban’. What is really needed is a VST designed specifically for Hip Hop producers/beatmakers such as yourselves here on
 vst ignite heat up
It would save the producer a lot of time and keeps the workflow upright. Some producers, engineers, and designers came together to make this dream a reality.

We proudly present “Heat Up 2” by Ignite VST.

A Virtual Instrument made specifically with the Urban music producer in mind. This VST contains everything you need to create epic Hip Hop Beats. It comes with an massive 20GB Library and covers almost every sound you need to create your next hit !

Heat Up 2 includes 300 Instruments such as Arp & Sequences, bass, bells, brass, choirs, drum kits, gated instruments, hits, keys, leads, organs, pads, plucks, strings, synths, guitars, harps, vinyl sound, chimes atmospheric pads & more.

But that ́s not all. The software comes with a lot of post processing effects that help you to sculpt the sound you ́re after. The Beatmaker not only can expand the Library with new Expansion Packs but also
the user is allowed to design and save his very own Instrument presets with Heat Up 2 !

Heat Up 2 Vst is a Virtual Instrument developed to the highest of standards…

Over 2 Years went into making this Virtual instrument. The audio engine runs super smooth with low CPU usage and ultra high quality sound. The Layout has been designed to be simple to use so you can dive right into your next hit whenever you feel inspired. The most necessary controls are placed on the front panel. Deeper
sound sculpting features are placed in the LCD screen.

Features :
  • Envelope Controlled Filter Section with High pass & low pass filter, ADSR envelope, resonance & mix controls.
  • Reverb with Room size, damping, width & mix controls.
  • Delay with Speed, feedback, mix, sync to host tempo and ping pong mode.
  • Flanger Chorus with Rate, depth, pre-delay & mix control.
  • Master Section with Gain, pan, ADSR & LED level meter.
  • Keyboard with Pitch, mod wheel, mono, polyphony & portamento modes.
  • Sequencer:

The Sequencer is a unique combination of step sequencer and arpeggiator with no to length control, speed & steps control.

– load/save custom sequencer presets. Heat Up 2 also comes with pre-made presets such as Arps, Mellows, Chords & more.

  •  Parametric Equalizer:
– built in 3 band EQ with bandwidth controls. Simple and precise EQ to further shape your sound.
  • Instrument Browser:

– easy to access instrument browser, Accessible from any page of the main screen. The Instruments are sorted by expansion packs and categories.

– Instrument Categories and Presets can be created by the User.
  • Built in Gater:
– create your custom gated sounds with the built in gater and get the best out of it with features like smooth, steps and speed.
  • Built in Effects:
– overdrive, distortion, ring modulation, stereo enhancer, phaser, tremolo.
– the Ignite “Stereo shaker” makes your sound jump from the left speaker to the right speaker every a key gets triggered.
  • Atmosphere Layers:
– layer your Instrument with FX-Layers like Vinyl, Chimes, Tape-Sound, Wind, Rain & more to give Instruments a unique Character. – – let your Pads or Strings sound more Atmospheric or give your
Instruments a Vintage touch with this unique feature.
  • Unique Customization: The look of Heat Up 2 can be customized wit h one of the 28 included skins, the LCD screen color can be customized seamlessly by the user.
– the user can switch between the Vector keyboard or 3D keyboard. The Vector keyboard gives much greater visual feedback.
– in-engine routing for the modulation wheel to control the filter cu
toff, filter depth, volume, distortion, overdrive, reverb, delay, chorus & tremolo.
– factory library:
  • 300 Instruments: Arp & Sequences, bass, bells, brass, choirs, drum kits, gated instruments, hits, keys, leads, organs, pads, plucks, strings, synths, guitars, harps, vinyl sound, chimes atmospheric pads & many more. Download the free Demo at:
footer ignite heat up vst

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