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Social Media Strategies for Musicians

        A musician should not only focus on lyrics and melodies, he should also take time to learn how to market his music. Yes, what he has is a busy life, but he mustn’t forget to exert efforts to make his presence quite known to his intended audience.

     With today’s technology, a strategy that will surely help musicians is to take advantage of the boom of social media. The use of social networking sites is now rampant, and it’s a good music marketing strategy to implement.

   Musicians nowadays understand how important it is to develop and improve their image, and recent applications such as Instagram and Vine can aid them in doing the improvements themselves, instead of entrusting the tasks to their record label companies.

     Here are certain music marketing strategies that can be of great help to these artists:

  • personalize your social media profiles. Add attractive profile pictures, update the ‘About’ part of your Facebook page, and share eye-catching images on Instagram. Add trivia, biographies and gig schedules. Make your profile a part of your fan bases’ must-visit pages.
  • create band profiles that are separate from your personal accounts. Not only it will prevent confusion, but it will also give a chance for your fans to have a peek at your personal lives. Your fans will be able to see what you do when you’re not performing, and it makes you more human, reachable and approachable.
  • respond to comments. Reward those people who take time to visit your page often. Fans love interaction, so offer prizes and “fan of the week” bonuses. It makes fans proud and happy to support you, and those actions may attract other fans in doing so.
  • make sure your accounts and sites are user-friendly. Check to see if social sharing is easy. If it’s easy to share your site on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, then your market and audience share will increase in large amounts. Don’t make it hard for your followers to promote your sites.
  • use music sharing media such as Soundcloud, 8tracks, Grooveshark, and Bandcamp. Through these sites, musicians can upload their songs and share them for everyone to enjoy. Other musicians have already launched their career through social media – Justin Bieber on YouTube, for one – and others are wishing for their time to shine as well.
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           Information is simply handed over not only by music enthusiasts but also by the artists themselves. Blogs, Twitter accounts, Tumblr sites, Facebook fan pages…name them, you have them. Information given out by these sites are trusted by most because the data sent out are verified and confirmed.

      In the previous years, musicians relied on television, magazines and radio stations as their choice media channels. Rolling Stone, for example, has been treated as a musical bible by most.

     But today, music lovers rely on social media to check out new artists and to stay updated with the music industry. Musicians should take advantage of these developments and make sure their moves will be in their favor.

Author by Anno Domini Beats

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