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The Best Websites to Promote Your Music for Free

    anno_domini_beats        Independent artists and bands now have a strong platform for their music marketing – the internet. Combine that with audio production tools that are available today, anyone with the  passion can record studio-quality music even without an actual studio and share their music to the world.

      So, you’re already prepared to use the power of the internet for your music marketing. What you might want to find out now is which websites are the best for promoting your music for free. You came to the right place.

     Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

     When we talk about music marketing, we can’t deny the help social media can give. Having a Facebook page or a Twitter account for you or your band is deemed by many as a must. However, it is likely that you already have such pages. What we want to talk about here would be websites that are specifically designed for helping artists like you in promoting music. So, yes, we recognize the value of social media but they’re pretty much a given.

     Top Sites Meant for Music Promotion

     Here are some sites that will be powerful tools for sharing your music.

     Your Sound in the Cloud

     SoundCloud is a great platform that can be used for sharing the music that you love. But more than that, this site is a great starting point for new artists for sharing and streaming music that they produce for the world to hear.

     As the name implies, SoundCloud is a cloud service, meaning your audio files are in an online storage that people can access from anywhere. A great feature is that SoundCloud offers a seamless integration with social media like Facebook. Whenever you play a sound, the activity appears on your timeline.

The provided audio player by SoundCloud is also effortlessly embeddable on blogs or websites. This means you only need to upload the sound file to SoundCloud and you’ll be able to share across different platforms.

     A Place for Your Band to Camp

     Practically, Bandcamp is an online music store similar to iTunes. However, it serves as a music marketing platform for independent artists. Joining the site requires no fee and once you join, you can create a micro site dedicated to your band or yourself as a solo artist.

You can post your tracks and this will be available for free streaming for people. They may also pay for the music for personal use. The money goes to the artist with only a small percentage to Bandcamp.

     Bandcamp is different from SoundCloud in that Soundcloud is user-oriented, while Bandcamp deals more with artists and bands. Bandcamp can host artist biographies, photos, links to websites and social media profile, other contact information, and even tour and concert dates. Bandcamp is an ideal website if you are looking for a serious music industry debut.


     MySpace might have died as a social media site a while back; but it was the one that pioneered the revolution of social media and music sharing. You might want to watch out for it as it is currently in the process of renovation.

There are plans to transform it into a socially-driven music website. So, keep your eyes peeled as MySpace might just be one of your most powerful music marketing tools when it re-launches.

     Spike Up Your Promotion with Videos

     YouTube might not be a “specifically for music” site, but it is the largest video sharing website on the online world today. Integrating music videos in your music promotion is one of the most popular and most effective strategies you can do. For that, YouTube is your friend. The player is also easily embeddable. It is also readily integrated into social media such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. A YouTube channel is a must for your music marketing.

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