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To give or NOT To give Free Beats?



Many producers find themselves wondering where they should give away Free Beats or not.
Here are a few Pros and Cons to giving away Free Beats.



  • Any artist downloading your beat may be a possible buyer later.
  • You can promote yourself giving away Free Beats. (Don’t forget to add a tag with your brand)
  • What if your beat makes it all the way to a popular Record Label?
  • Offer free beats as discount to your customers.
  • You can increase your subscriber list offering free beats.
  • One of your beats may end up going viral on youtube. So free publicity for you.
  • Offer your loyal customers, every now and then free beats.

Free Download



  • Anyone can download your free beats.
  • They will be free so no profit (at least not directly)
  • Even if an artist gives you his email address for a free beat, there’s no guarantee he will be a customer in the future.
  • What if your beat ends up in a very popular song??
  • What if you will be seen as a “wack producer” for offering free beats?
  • Do you think $10 is too much for a LEASE?
  • Do your work for free?
  • Why should any rookie mc use your beat?


It is up to you in what category of producers you fit in and what beat selling strategy you decide to use to increase your sales. One thing’s certain, no matter what you choose, you will surly need publicity.