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How to sell beats on Tumblr

Tumblr Logo

What is Tumblr?

Founded by David Karp and recently bought by Yahoo! Inc., Tumblr is a combination of micro blogging with Social Media and currently has over 270.0000 millions blogs. On this platform users can follow other relevant blogs and they can create their own blogs where they can post and re-blog almost any content (videos, music, pictures, animated pictures – gif’s) even adult content, without any censorship.

Like we mentioned above, Tumblr is more than a simple blogging platform, users can share and like each others content, comment, follow blogs or search for certain type of keywords using the well-known hashtags. OK, but what does it have to do with selling beats online?


Let’s talk about the benefits of using this social network.

DoFollow links


If you sell instrumentals online and you already have your own website you definitely know what “dofollow” means and how important are these back links in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
By default the majority of social media websites they set up all the outgoing links to “nofollow“. Well, Tumblr uses “dofollow” links which means that there is some sort of authority, PageRank and “link juice” to your content, cool isn’t it?

What does Tumblr do to be so special?


Spreading content on Tumblr is very easy beside other social media platforms.
Just like a re-tweet on Twitter, Tumblr gives you the possibility to re-blog your favorite content. Let’s just say you posted a YouTube video that contains a beat and a link to your website and your followers re-blog your content 135 times. This meas 135dofollow” links to your website that naturally grew.

Brand your business

Keep in mind that all the power of Tumblr doesn’t mean anything if you don’t bring interesting content for your followers.

Here are some interesting ideas for content

1. Pictures /Gif’s

You can start by re-blogging interesting pictures. Gif’s were, are and will be all the time a great demand on this type of platform. If you truly are creative person you can shoot photos, make illustrations, or create animated pictures, even if you are using a professional photo camera, Photoshop or why not Paint, as long as you bring new and quality content.

2. Memes

Yes, memes are great! They can become viral very easy.
You can use them often but don’t make them your main focus.

3. Comic Videos/ Music


People always loved funny videos. Try to post funny content because it easily goes viral.
Music videos from YouTube are also loved on Tumblr. You can share your favorite music from SoundCloud or why not your own beats.

Watch the video bellow and see how to easily and cost effectively get followers on Tumblr.