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The 5 Best Resources for Free Beat Tapes

Below we present the best 5 Free Beat Tapes made by some of the top selling producers from the Internet!


Free Beat Tape – Vol. 1 (20 Free Beats w/ Download Link) by JGBeats



Website : JGBeats.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JulianGBeats

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Julian_G



CRUISIN (Free Beat Tape) Vol. 1, 2 & 3 by Kid Ocean *16 Free Beats w/Download*


Website: http://www.Kidocean.net

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TTAGGproductions

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KidOceanBeats


The Soul Tape Hip Hop Instrumental Mix Beat Tape 2016 by Dubs Banger


Website:  http://dubsbanger.blogspot.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dubsbanger

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dubsbanger


Free Beat Tape [Ape Shit] With DL Link by Dee Beats


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/deshongg12

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialDee_B


Rellim – The Origin (FULL FREE BEAT TAPE) by Rellim


Website: https://soundcloud.com/iamrellim

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/StonerCreekTV

Twitter: http://twitter.com/RELLIMtx



Begin with a mixtape!

If you’re an artist and don’t know how to kick-start your musical career, here’s how: A mixtape is your best option.


What is a Mixtape?

A compilation of tracks recorded in any audio format. The first mixtape was released in 1960 under the name “Bootleg8 Track “, followed by 3 other mixtapes: “Super 73“, “Country Chart Toppers” and “Top Pops 1977“.

Hip Hop Mixtapes are usually released on CD’s or as Digital Download (usually free download). The quality of a mixtape is lower than that of an album’s.

Artists could compile a mixtape using popular Instrumentals or could purchase (usually lease) Beats from different producers.

Even popular artists still use mixtapes to convey a message, or to pre-release a new album.

This type of a compilation can be a good way, for any rapper, to enter the music scene with a relatively small investment.

So why not release your own mixtape?


What do I need?

First, and foremost you need to find the right instrumentals. You can search SoundClick, TuneVibe, or any other beat store out there. You will also find Free Beats. Do not hesitate to use them.


If you have a favorite producer and want to release an entire compilation in his style alone, don’t hesitate to contact him. You will surely receive a considerable discount.

I have the instrumentals. Now what?

Record your tracks.


Build your own studio at home.

You will need a microphone, a computer and recording software or if your budget will allow it, you can record everything in a professional studio.


We Hope that your

Home Studio

will not Look like this !?


Even if the sound quality will be lower try to add the best possible rhymes, with a deep and profound message.



Collaboration is also important. Adding well known artists to your compilation, you can easily increase your mixtape’s audience.


Drop a video for your single.

Pick a favorite track and try to do a video. It is very important for promoting your mixtape, and yourself as an artist.

Upload your mixtape on specialized websites.

Send it to friends, record labels, blogs, or any other websites that store, showcase, and distribute compilations. (EX: datpiff, livemixtapes, crackmixtapes etc.)

Write CD’s and distribute them in your neighborhood, to friends or anyone that may be interested in your work.

It is also very important to promote it offline. (ex. open mics or live shows)

Good Luck!


To give or NOT To give Free Beats?



Many producers find themselves wondering where they should give away Free Beats or not.
Here are a few Pros and Cons to giving away Free Beats.



  • Any artist downloading your beat may be a possible buyer later.
  • You can promote yourself giving away Free Beats. (Don’t forget to add a tag with your brand)
  • What if your beat makes it all the way to a popular Record Label?
  • Offer free beats as discount to your customers.
  • You can increase your subscriber list offering free beats.
  • One of your beats may end up going viral on youtube. So free publicity for you.
  • Offer your loyal customers, every now and then free beats.

Free Download



  • Anyone can download your free beats.
  • They will be free so no profit (at least not directly)
  • Even if an artist gives you his email address for a free beat, there’s no guarantee he will be a customer in the future.
  • What if your beat ends up in a very popular song??
  • What if you will be seen as a “wack producer” for offering free beats?
  • Do you think $10 is too much for a LEASE?
  • Do your work for free?
  • Why should any rookie mc use your beat?


It is up to you in what category of producers you fit in and what beat selling strategy you decide to use to increase your sales. One thing’s certain, no matter what you choose, you will surly need publicity.