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How do I protect my beats from online theft?

Worst thing that can happen to you as a producer is to realize that one or more of your beats have been transformed in a new product and used in commercial or non-commercial applications, without your knowledge or approval.



Your beat was practically stolen!  



Beat Thief


2 Ways your instrumentals can be stolen:

a) With a software that can download the beat directly from instrumental selling websites, beat stores or youtube. (many times after listening to a beat the mp3 file will remain in the browsers cache folder and can be simply copied without the need of additional software.

b) With sound recording software or devices.



So how do I protect my beats from thieves?

Simple. You use a VOICE TAG.


What is a Voice Tag?

The Voice Tag is an audio vocal recording a few seconds long designed specifically to be recorded on top of instrumentals. This creates a tagged version of your beat and it is this version that should be played back to the public, on beat stores. These audio recordings usually contain the name of the producer or their brand. The recording repeats itself over short intervals (10 – 30 sec). Also “DJ Dops” are occasionally used .



I want a Voice Tag.

A Voice Tag can be recorded very easily with a microphone and audio software without too much headache, or you can purchase a higher quality one made by an artist designed specifically to your requirements ( Recommended). 25259_340576210879_1409910_n


This is how you protect your instrumentals from online thieves.



When someone will try to steal your beat they will get the tagged version.

Video by Busy Works Beats

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Why it’s important to use Tracked Out Files in Studio Recordings?

 Tracked Out files


“It is known that for making a successful musical piece, the quality of sound is very important.”



Many artists skip the most important part of a recording and that is the MIX/MASTER of the final song, they only use an MP3 file for the final mix, even though the beat is well balanced to the extent of composition and that of db intensity (under 0 db), an mp3 can never be properly mastered.


What’s an MP3 file?

MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3) is an audio coding format for digital audio, it uses a form of lossy data compression.

The main advantage was (and still is) the low disk space occupied, however the sound quality suffers after compression.


What’s TRACKED OUT Files

(Trackouts WAV’s)

It’s the process that exports all the sounds of instruments in a beat to individual audio files, usually WAV audio files 16-24 kbps.



What to choose: TRACKED WAV Files or MP3?



engeneer tracked out files


Whilst many new artists still use just an MP3 file for recording a song, they don’t know that the final mix master will suffer from all points of view: you will not be able to change the volume, the panning or to equalize each separate sound, also adding the verse and the chorus in a MP3 musical composition will be a torment for the audio engineer at the final mix/master, he won’t be able to modify the beat structure, the MP3 file being already compressed, and also the vocals will sit ON the beat, instead of INSIDE of it.


How do you send TRACKOUTS to Artists?

If in the past this was an issue due to the big size of the files, these where burned to CD’s and manually handed over to artists, nowadays these issues are totally gone.

Thanks to the Internet, these big files can be archived and sent directly to the end user in any corner of the world, without many issues. Now you can instantly send these files in just a few clicks.

To instantly send these big WAV files without the need of you to manually upload them on secure-less file-hosting servers, then send the link to the artist, we advise you to use a Flash/HTML5 player.



The upload of these archives can now be a play, you can upload them directly from your desktop with the





Why offer clients Discounts / Package Deals ?

First of all we must understand what PACKAGE DEALS and DISCOUNTS mean.

Package Deals for Instrumentals



Discounts are an important element of a marketing campaign; a lower cash value allowed buy the seller to motivate the client to pay in a specified term.

Beat Discounts



More products combined (Bulk), sold in a single package.

package deal for Beats

How does this work offline ?


It is a known fact in offline marketing the public was attracted by the notion of discounts, bulk sales, or promotional packages.
(Ex: Cable TV where multiple channels are grouped in a single package, or in fast food where multiple food items are grouped in a “meal” for a singular lower price.)

So, why couldn’t such a a Pack or Bulk Deal be applied to your beats or to beatstore’s in general?

Is it important to know how to create a

Bulk Deal?


Yes, very! When you create a package deal, never put the price in front ($35 for 5 Beats). Best way is to always start with the number of products (30 Beats for $99.95).

Note that clients will judge your package based on the number of products, and not the price.

Another advantage in online marketing is that, clients that pay using a card or a PayPal Account, tend to focus more on the benefits of purchased products, then on the price itself. So, the quality of your instrumentals is very very important to each and every client.


How do I setup PACKAGE DEALS for my beats?


Watch the video, to learn how to setup and update Package Deals, in a few clicks, without too much hassle. Your artists are the ones who will, of course, benefit the most.

Next time you do a marketing campaign, don’t forget to include Package Deals / Discounts because buyers love price reductions and bulk deals.

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