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One of the most used Digital audio workstation


Fruity Loops is an audio software that can record edit and develop music. It can process any audio sound in almost any digital format. It also uses MIDI or CV/GATE and plugins are long since considered news.


It is the second audio digital station used in the world very close to Ableton Live.



The company was founded in Belgium (1994) by Jean-Marie Cannie and Frank Van Biesen, with the purpose of developing puzzle games for adults.

Hired at only 19 years old by Image Line, Didier “Gol” Dambrin develops the first version of Fruity Loops (name recently changed to FL Studio) and officially launches it on the 18th of December 1997.



Didier develops an important series of updates for the software and shortly after FL Studio becomes a leader in musical production.


Do I want FL Studio?

Minimum system requirements would include: Windows PC, CPU: 2 GHz, RAM: 1 GB, HDD: 1 GB Free Space and a Sound Card. Of course a higher end PC would allow you to do multiple things simultaneously, and would give you an overall better experience.



Remember that VST use a lot of memory and CPU and at the time of writing these plugins are highly used on all audio workstations.


(FL Studio Download)


Ok, so I have FL Studio. Now what.. ?

You learn how to use it. You can google it and search on YouTube for all kinds of interesting tutorials about FL Studio and you will notice that it’s really not as hardas it may seem.

I want to learn Music


One of the most well known Professors in FL Studio, with vast knowledge in the musical industry is Bussy Work Beats.

His videos will teach you from the basics to highly advanced music lessons in genres like Trap, Pop, R&B etc.. Even the most advanced Tips and Tricks to create that perfect sound that you need are revealed in his videos.

Busy works beats
We are convinced that you will be thrilled by the hundreds of hours of video tutorials that he has already made, to help producers using FL Studio.

Check some of his videos bellow, you also can subscribe to his  Youtube Channel








The Power of 808 Drum Kit

Roland TR-808


     “‘Was created in 1980 and was among the first analog drum machines, considered, at that time, a cheap musical instrument with inferior drum sound quality.”


Later it was, mostly, used in Hip Hop music, because of it’s capacity to produce that extremely low frequency bass sound.
Eventually Roland TR-808 will become the most widely used Drum Machine and achieve an iconic status in the modern music industry.
Today, Roland TR-808’s sound library (or 808 Drum Kit) is used in almost all genres, from underground to mainstream, and most hits since 2008 use the 808 Drum Kit.
Producers like David Guetta, Timbaland or Kanye West have used and are still using these famous 808 Drum samples, producing Hits in the New Modern Era of the musical industry.

One of the most famous albums, “808s & Heartbreak” of K. West was entirely produced with these digital drums and sold over 1.7 million copies.






Even though it’s used in many music genres (Dance, Pop, Electro) Hip Hop remains the genre it is most widely used in.


Among the sub-genres of Hip Hop that use 808:
Old School (since the 80’s) Southern (Trap most popular nowadays) or Midwest.



Download Roland TR- 808 Drum Kit 

HTML5 Player Update

Hey Hello friends!

We got news for TuneVibe.com Mebers.
Important Update has made on Html5 Players.

Now you got the ability to change your HTML 5 Color Style. If your player is bigger then 640px then your 3rth price (Premium Lease) will appear in your playlist to.
You can also set Color Style to your Mobile Beat Shop.
Feel free to check them


Html5 color style
Have a Beatmaking day!!!!

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