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How to Sell Beats on Twitter in 4 Basic Steps

     As we know Twitter is one of the most used socializing platform. Well known stars like Kim Kardashian, Drake, Jason Mraz and even Barack Obama together with other 550 million users, successfully use this well-known socializing platform. If one uses Twitter reasonably, first off you will create new relationships with other users from around the globe and you will have the possibility to find and participate in relevant conversations that matter to you.

The most important thing is that you can make a name for yourself in your niche with the help of this social network.

1. Do you use #Hashtags on Twitter?

A hashtag has one role: to group all the messages from a certain subject in a single search, just like a blog category.
Many Twitter users use hashtags, and then why not take advantage of them?
You can search Twitter for: #rapper #artist #mixtape etc., and you will be surprised of how much these tags are used by artists, producers or anyone who wants to refer to certain subject, and thus you can find possible targets in selling your beats online.

2. Do you got followers on twitter, how many?

Have you ever wonder why some producers sell lots of instrumentals online? Pick any top producer from the online music industry, enter their official twitter account and watch the number
of followers.

For example: Paul Cabbin Beats, JGBeats, Church Boy Beatz etc

You are surprised right?

Be very careful because the most important thing about Twitter is your followers. Try to do anything in your power to raise the number of those who follow you.

Here you can find the most important tools that you have to try to increase the number of twitter followers.

3. Make regular posts on Twitter.

Do not make the same mistake as most of online producers do by using posts like:

 ….and others, posted every two minutes, it’s annoying isn’t it?

This way you can lose all your clients and probably you will be categorized as spam. Try to be creative if you only post 4-5 times a day. Find other subjects besides selling instrumentals online and skip complementing your own beats because this way you will only lose potential customers.

Answer your tweets, interact with people and in this way they will feel that indeed a real person is behind your account not just a spam bot.

4. Accelerate everything with on the spot conversations!

Enter conversations with artists and try to listen to them, talk to them, and not just send messages and tweets with your instrumental site or with your offers you have because like this you will be quickly categorized as a spammer.

Try to move conversations away from public eye by using “Direct Messages” and if these artists had positive experience with you even if the first time they will not buy any beats from you they will certainly buy something from you in the future.

Top 5 most popular VST plugins used in Hip-Hop Beats!

Top 5 most popular VST / VSTI plugins used in Hip-Hop industry!


If in the past analogue synthesizers were a basic tool in any studio, nowadays the situation is totally changed.

Now we have midi keyboards or other controllers with pads, and the buttons or faders can be customized and controlled via the computer using VST plugins or so-called Virtual Tools.

What is an Virtual Studio Technology (VST)?

It is a software interface that emulates audio signals of musical instruments, analogue synths sound processing or effects on sound as well as recording systems of the sound.

There are 3 types of VST Plugins

  • VST Instruments 
  •  VST effects
  •  VST MIDI effects
Below we will present top 5 most popular VST / VSTi plugins among Hip-Hop Producers except                                  Native Instruments




It is a software tool that brings different types of bass in a single extraordinary virtual instrument. The successor of the well-known Trilogy, Trilian is a tool that provides you with a completely different interface with many audio news and innovative Bass such as “Round Robin” or “Dynamic Legato” having a library of 10 times higher than its predecessor Trilogy.

In this software are used over 60 instruments of bass in 4 to 8 cords and over 30 analogue synths, among them is the well-known MOOG.

Trilian is by far the best VST plugin for bass and I recommend it with the highest confidence to use it in your audio productions of any type.









Produced by the same company SPECTRASONICS, Omnisphere remains the main flag, or the main tool of the firm. With a collection of more than 12,000 sounds and over 4,800 sound sources this VST combines a lot of synths in an extraordinary virtual instrument.

Some Omnisphere 2 features:

• new Interface with Enhanced Browsing and “Zooming” into deeper synthesis levels.
• audio Import – Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere.
•  new “Spotlight EDM” library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
• powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm for amazing transformations.
•  deeper FM/Ring Modulation capabilities for aggressive timbres
• up to 10 oscillators per patch can be either DSP synth or sample-based.
• 6 full-featured LFOs per patch, with syncing and complex wave forms.

…and many more.



Among prizes won by  Omnisphere we remember “coveted TEC award“, “SOS Award” or “Virtual instrument of the Year 2012“.




Passing further and reaching Nexus I can say that it is the most popular and easy-to-use VST. If in the EDM or Dance genre is a must-have, in Hip-Hop the situation is nearly the same.

Many producers from the new use this VST that integrates seamlessly into almost any beat, Trap or New School.

In the Nexus library predominates aggressive electronic sounds, but integrate seamlessly into genres like Pop, Dance or EDM, this is not the best solution for sound design programmers but if you are looking for sounds full of power and movement this VST is what you’re looking for.

You will also find a series of large SoundPacks and Presets (Free/Paid) to help you in your production.





One of the most critically acclaimed mastering software. Contains all the tools you need to help you master your instrumental and among essential instruments we remember: Equalizer, Dynamics, Maximizer, Exciter, Imager, Post Equalizer, Dither, and Dynamic EQ.

A detailed review in the video below:





Produced by Lennar Digital, Sylenth1 is a virtual analog synthesizer VSTi which has the definition of quality and performance at a higher level.

So far, only few software synths have been able to stand up to the standards of sound produced by the classic hardware synths, Sylenth1 being one of them.

It is very important to know that this synth was built from a producer’s point of view, and the graphic interface provides the highest level of usage, so that you can unleash your full creativity in the field of sound design, another advantage is that it uses a minimum of resources.

How to create sound design with Sylenth1?

by BusyWorksBeats




African Hip Hop Music – Rap Culture In Africa – fugitivz

Gambian Hip Hop – Style & Hip Hop Music Culture


The foundation of hip hop in Gambia takes place in the early 1990s after the release of the first national television called “Gambia Radio & Television Services (GRTS)”.

Among the first rap groups we mention:

  •  Dancehall Masters,
  •  Pencha B,
  •  Da Fugitivz 
  •  Born Africans.


These crews were among the best known in those times as combining different styles like: Salsa, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop or by a combination of the styles which makes those African troops to be distinctive from other hip hop bands from around the world.


Da Fugitivz’s


After graduating, Tazman’s, on his real name Tijan Jabang, former member of “House Vibes“, along with Mohammed Kah (Mo-Hawk), Joseph Senghore (Seabreeze) and Samuel George (DJ Graduate) have officially formed the band in 1997 called Da Fugitivz.

Each Member had a different style, Tazman and DJ Graduate were inclined towards dancehall and reggae, Mo-Hawk spits rap in “Wollof” language and  Seabreeze filled the hearts of listeners with a Soulful R&B.

Shortly afterwards the band near capital Banjul, will become one of the most popular crews of African Hip Hop Music . Among their singles: “Ndongo Dara“, “Lingai Jai” or “Indilmasa Love“.

Following the release of the first album “Fu 4 Life” they will be invited in Germany at Pop Com Musical Festival where they perform together with big names from the music industry, which will be weighing heavy in their musical career.



The group will be included in the compilation called “Africa Raps” produced by Jay Rudledge for a German label be the name of Trikon which contain the finest African bands of the moment.

This crew from Western Africa is followed by a drastically growth in International Rap Industry, in 2000 the first concert takes place in the United States of America, 2001 will catch the first contract with Sony Music signed in Paris, followed by the release of their second album which includes the well-known song “Sha La La Laa”.


Follow important tours in Europe and a 3rd contract signed in Sweden with Double-Dog Records for a 3-year agreement.

Buying Beats Online can be Confusing -Buy Beats


   Every day the music world evolves, nowadays less people buy physical CD albums, LP’s or Mixtapes, now everything is online, “in the cloud”.

     If in 2004 where sold 30 billion audio discs, with a raise of almost 200 billion in 2007, today the audio cd sales dropped with 70% compared with 2007, and it’s still dropping compared with online sales.

    These online stores are more accessible to people from around the world and with less costs compared with the Audio CD market.

     If on a click away you can buy any music from almost any gadget (phone, tablet, and others), the only condition is to be connected to the Internet, and in the same situation is the online market for instrumentals.

   The buying of hip-hop beats online can be confusing if you are not aware of the basic elements.
There are some thing you should know for buying online beats.

     Most of the producers are selling instrumentals based on licenses, which means that they can still own right over them.

  With a visible raise compared to past years the buying of instrumentals is accessible to any artist, agency, label or a simple listener, the prices ranging from a producer to other.

  If music is bought on a single price or a single license, in instrumental sales the problem sits slightly different.

 In the first place Licenses are used for sales, eg. “MP3 Lease”, “Premium Lease”, “Unlimited Lease” and others.
The most used Licenses being “Lease” and “Exclusive”


What does "Lease" or "Non-Exclusive" mean?

Leasing Rights


      The leasing rights give the artist a number of sales per song (2500 Units for instance) here considering the terms mentioned in the “Lease” license because not all the producers are using the same amount of units per song. Once the number of units specified in the license contract is reached the instrumental must be repurchased or you should consider buying a different license for you to continuously sell the song.

    Also the producer can resell the beat to other artists as long as nobody is buying the EXCLUSIVE License. A very good thing for a producer is that they can still make money over a leasing of a single beat.

    Another positive part of this license is the much lower price over the Exclusive license, so upcoming artists can afford the purchase of the instrumental.

    Usually producers are giving away only an “Untagged” MP3.

What Exclusive Rights Means!



     This license gives the artist the Exclusive Property over the beat, and usually unlimited use in any commercial means.

   The producer can’t no longer resell the bought beat under the exclusive license, and must delete that instrumental from any website or online market.

     An Exclusive Beat is more expensive because the artist becomes the unique owner and he can do whatever with the exclusive purchased instrumental.

The producer shall give a high quality mp3 version of the instrumental, the wave session (for a better mix-mastering of the overall song) and a contract.

Usually exclusive beats are bought for albums or for any commercial productions from which the artist or label/organization will make profit.

    Thus artists can buy the most appropriate license suitable for their needs.




  • - buy non-exclusive instrumentals to try them, if the recording went well and you like it then you should consider buying the exclusive licence.
  • - before you buy beats you should make sure that the sound quality satisfy you.
  • - look for a producer that offers superior quality in that money.
  • - build a relationship with the producer.
  • - make sure you don't have to pay other copyrights when you buy an exclusive licence.
  • - save money buying Non Exclusive beats.

You can also check this video below


   Is a musical genre originally from the south of the USA created at the beginning of the 90’s that’s based of the classical 808 Drum Kit.

Us south trap music
Aggressive Brass, Triple Hi-Hats, Snappy Snare ,loud Kick and 808 long bass samples sounds make this musical style different from all other genres.

   Even the unusual tempo  of (135 – 170 BPM Double or Triple time) drives it further from the classical Hip Hop (70 – 115 BPM).



The “TRAP” Term


   Refers to the place where drugs are being sold; the drug dealers are known as “Trappers” and the consumers as prey.

   Socially “Trap” may also refer to a neighborhood, area or suburb with a very high unemployment rate where most residents don’t have jobs, unable to commit, partly because of the environment, leading to drug use and working in the drug trafficking trade.

Origins 1990 – 2010

   The term appears for the first time in Atalanta, and among the first rappers to use the term “Trap” in music are: : Cool Breeze, Outkast and Goodie Mob.

   The genre has been introduced to the musical industry at the beginning of the 90’s by UGK, Three 6 Mafia, Master P and Cool Breze.

  In 2003 comes the first wave of trap music to the mainstream with the launch of T.I.’s second album titled “Trap Musik” selling more the 2 million copies.

   The album’s single “24’s” has been used in the soundtrack of “Need for speed: Underground

   In 2005 another album makes it to the 2nd place in the billboards, this time from Young Jeezy with the album “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101”.

Climax 2010 – present

 The second wave brings many producers of TRAP MUSIC, the most popular being Lex Luger in just 1 year producing over 200 songs. Some of

the artists he has collaborated with are Kanye West, Jay-Z or Rick Ross. At present it is one of the most successful musical genres influencing genres like pop, dance, house and creating new sub-genres like “TrapStep” “PsyTrap” or “Drill”.

  Given the huge success the genre has had, many artists indie or signed are looking to purchase trap beats and if you’re a producer and are neglecting trap instrumentals, you are making a big mistake significantly reducing your online beat sales.